There is no doubt that gambling online has inspired many people in the world to change their lives and some great players have the roles in it.











Who Has Inspired People to Play Gambling Online?

There is no doubt anymore that gambling has inspired many people in the world to change and increase their lives. However, since not all people can access the land-based casinos just like US residents, they choose tangkasnet site to play because it is more practical somehow. Basically, those who inspired people are not the games but the successful players with their own stories related to their careers as the gamblers by winning and losing millions.

Kerry Packer Inspired People to Do Gambling Online

In US, gambling is known as their genes and it is inside their blood actually. It means, they can’t live without it and they believe they can’t live calmly without playing it. Some people may call it desire but as you know, gambling has made people rich and there are so many proofs to show. That is why, through tangkasnet feature, those who can’t reach the land-based casinos may use this facility to gamble easily. Whether you are the real gambler or not, you can be rich by choosing the best game based on your skill.

First of all, all people start gambling because they have seen some players can have the better life financially without working so hard. However, some of successful players have also lost millions in just short time though some of them could get up again and fight. No wonder other people want to try the same and this is one famous player that has earned and lost millions in gambling such as:

  • Kerry Packer

Behind the gambling industry, there were so many famous names with their own stories about it. One of the famous unforgettable names was Kerry Packer. Who doesn’t know Packer. He was known as one of the richest gambling players in the world from Australia. Back then, Packer was just the media tycoon famously for turning the cricket sport upside down in 1970s by setting up his professional competition of cricket. It could attract many biggest names and famous people to join.
He has business interest but Packer is the avid gambler because sometimes, he could win and lost money easily. In 1999 according to the report, he could endure the 3-week losing streak at the London casino for nearly $20 millions. At that time, this loss was known as the biggest betting loss in the British history of gambling. However, he was so successful in Las Vegas because he could win the amount about $25 millions at MGM Grand Casino.

Archie Karas Inspired People to Do Gambling Online

Meanwhile, it is not only Packer who inspired many people to do gambling online for success because there is another famous name that can win millions but at the same time, that name can lose much money in just one single game and here he is:

  • Archie Karas

One legendary man in Las Vegas was Archie Karas. He was Greek American man who could turn up his fate in Strip with only $50 in the pocket. Karas is one of the most famous gambling players in the world especially in Bola Tangkas Online. He could turn $50 into about $40 millions in just one night. However, the shocking story was at the same time, he lost that money and he lost everything so fast. He was not known as the dreamy man who wanted to be rich in just short time using gambling.

When he played and won the biggest prize, he was 40 years old and he met a poker friend and that friend handed over about $10,000 to him. Karas would pay him back including the interest within 3 hours and he chose Razz poker to begin with. He borrowed money to play in the high stake game. In a week, he made over $4 millions and he kept making money by winning the game and he also accepted the invitations from some pro names in poker.

He earned almost $1 million at World Series of Poker against Stu Ungar as the WSOP champion at that time. He really liked gambling but it led him to lose all his money. His fortune seemed to leave him and in just 2 months, he lost everything on Baccarat and Craps casino.

What inspires people so much is because both players could win the game and make money in huge amount. However at the same time, they don’t want to experience the same thing in tangkasnet which is losing their money. That is why, you have to play right to avoid it.